Audio Environment Testing Tools

As I was setting up the physical audio mixing environment for my digital audio workstation (DAW software: Apple’s Logic Pro X) I set out to find some tools to help me analyze the sound coming from my M-Audio powered monitor speakers. Mainly so I can test their positioning and try to identify any obvious acoustic problems in the room (my “room” is my home office, formerly a master bedroom).

So, I ran across a site that contains tons of information, tools and audio files for testing, among other things, listening environments: test tones, sound checks, tone generators, stereo imaging, even hearing tests. Plus tons more audio related stuff.

Thanks to Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon, research engineer & sound designer for providing these resources.

The audio tools site, among several Dr. Pigeon maintains, is

I especially liked the LEDRâ„¢ (stands for Listening Environment Diagnostic Recording) page,

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