Just call me ‘T’

I’ve been writing songs and experimenting with my musical style for a while now. Mostly for my own creative pleasure. Lately, I’ve been itching to let my songs out into the wild. Hopefully folks like some of them, but that’s not too important as long as I get my messages out.

I’ll post some tunes here, and update everyone (including myself) about gigs, events and random stuff I may be thinking about.

If you’d like to be in my “list” I promise not to abuse you, and you’ll be the first to know about new projects I’m working on.

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Family Ties – All about those close to you.

For Deneen — A song for my lovely wife, Deneen.

Tell Me How You Feel — A love song.

Beat The Noose – An Outlaw Ballad.

Travlin’ Light — Instant improv by ‘T’

The Ballad of Jerry Finigan — A ballad for a great civi leader. Lyrics by Kate Perle!